BRUTUS comes to life in the Rotterdam port area

Brutus is a multidisciplinary playground for the arts and the largest contemporary art exhibition and performance space in the Netherlands. Brutus is an artist-driven playground, a space where artists are given carte blanche to experiment.

In March 2022, Brutus opened its doors for the first time with 3 exhibitions including new work by L.A. Raeven, a presentation by emerging talent Alexandra Philips (US), and installations by Atelier Van Lieshout. There are also collaborations on the horizon with Roffa Mon Amour, Bitter, Hipsick, Rotterdam Art Week, Museumnacht010, and others.

Brutus is an initiative of AVL Mundo, the not-for-profit organization founded in 2008 by artist Joep van Lieshout to offer artists a unique opportunity to develop and exhibit projects without traditional boundaries. The ambitious cultural programming engages both local and international audiences. The former industrial complex at Keileweg includes exhibition spaces, an artist in residency, and the Brutus Garden. Measuring 6000 m2 it is one of the largest, independent contemporary art spaces in the Netherlands.
Joep van Lieshout's transgressive practice over the last three decades has shed light on what a foundation of tomorrow could look like. Brutus uses its architecture as a collaborative material to inform its multi-disciplinary program. Host to complicated installations, challenging performances, massive group shows and impressive solo exhibitions, Brutus offers artists time, space, freedom, and funds to experiment, perform and exhibit at a massive scale.
Works by big names from the international arts are interspersed with yet to be discovered talent. All possible art and cultural disciplines are covered: from sculpture to performance, from drawing to video. Art that can sometimes be quite confronting, and at the same time stimulating. Works that reflect the changing zeitgeist and ideas that inspire for the future or show its dark side. BRUTUS gives makers carte blanche to experiment and to showcase their vision.


Sanne ten Brink

Photography: Angeniet Berkers
Photography: Angeniet Berkers

Nathan Kars


Henny Schoonewelle


Working at BRUTUS

Become BRUTUS Volunteer!

For the upcoming exhibitions, Brutus is looking for enthusiastic volunteers. Under guidance of the floor manager you help with public guidance, ticket sales and information provision. Brutus is open from Thursday to Sunday.
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Become a BRUTUS intern!

We have room for an independent intern, preferably at HBO or WO level. At Art Institution Brutus there is a lot to learn as an intern. What your internship will look like also depends on what you want (or need) to learn. During your internship, you will come in contact with various facets of an art institution such as communication, programming and production.
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Contributors to the future of art and artists

Christine de Baan
Majel Blonden
Trish & Jan de Bont
Lobke Broos
Joseph van Caldenborgh
Noacho Carbonell
Aric Chen
Chantal van Erven Dorens
Renee Drake
Joost Ector
Fleur Groenendijk
Lief Heylen
Patrick van 't hoff
Dennis Albada Jeigersma
Folkert de Jong
Wilfried Lentz
Han Nefkens
Julian Oggel
Suzanne Oxenaar
Wim Pijbes
Maria Roosen
Albert Schuitemaker
Piet & Sandra van der Slikke-Swelheim