Petromelancholia examines the enormous consequences of a life beyond oil, the magnitude of which many do not yet realize. Unlike the many exhibitions that sing about doom scenarios or kick in the open doors of the climate crisis, Petromelancholia reflects on the legacy of the oil age and the new meaning that this past will irrevocably acquire. What has oil brought us, materially and especially culturally, and what might disappear or change?

Such a complex phenomenon only comes into the limelight if there is room for different perspectives. Art is a master discipline when it comes to anticipating and navigating change. That is why Petromelancholia, curated by Alexander Klose (research collective Beauty of Oil) brings together 32 contemporary artists from different cultural backgrounds and generations.

It’s hard to think of a better location for Petromelancholia than at Brutus - situated in the Rotterdam harbour. In few places will the impact of the energy transition be more visible than here. This is therefore the most appropriate place for critical self-reflection with a good dose of melancholy and nostalgia. The exhibition reflects an urgency that has never before been felt this strong.

With works by: Yuri Ancarani (ITA), Rowan van As (NLD), Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck (VEN/GER), Diann Bauer (USA), Uwe Belz (GER), Vanessa Billy (CHE), Kevin van Braak & Ipeh Nur (NLD/IDN), Imani Jacqueline Brown (USA), Andrew Castrucci (USA), Chto Delat (RUS), Timo Demollin (NLD), Tanja Engelberts (NLD), Christoph Girardet (GER), Rumiko Hagiwara (JPN/NLD), heidundgriess (GER), Bernhard Hopfengärtner (GER), Aaditi Joshi (IND), Olaf Mooij (NLD), Leonhard Müllner & Robin Klengel (AUT), Hugo Niebeling (GER), Alain Resnais (FRA), Konstantin Schimanowski (RUS/GER), Miriam Sentler (NLD), Sanaz Sohrabi (IRN/CAN), Johannes Steendam (NLD), Gunhild Vatn (NOR), Jan Eric Visser (NLD), Rachel Youn (USA), Marina Zurkow (USA).

Visit Petromelancholia 2nd of Sep until 19th of Nov. A ticket offers you access to the Petromelancholia, Santiago Sierra as well as Disco Inferno exhibitions. Brutus is open from Thursday to Sunday between 12:00 h and 18:00 h.

During the official opening on Friday September 1st from 8 pm live performances Kems Kriol and DJ Sjoerd Oberman in collaboration with MOMO Fabrique Festival.

Several activities are scheduled for the upcoming weeks, like curated tours, performances, a theatre play and film screenings. And our collaboration partner Goethe Institute will be organising a Petrosalon and a film screening. Stay tuned.