Through Bone and Marrow is a multidisciplinary group exhibition with work by 18 artists from the Netherlands and abroad. The raw former harbor buildings of the Rotterdam art institution BRUTUS are the canvas for the curator Maarten Spruyt. Spruyt is not a standard curator, he likes to look outside the beaten track and works intuitively. His motto is 'unity in multiplicity', "Give me something and I will spin a world around it, a matter of zooming in on microbe level and being able to zoom out to the solar system". Spruyt has been doing assignments for the Van Gogh Museum, Boijmans van Beuningen and Lowlands since the 1990s, and he has put together successful shows, for example for Het HEM and the annual fashion exhibitions in Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

The exhibition Through Bone and Marrow manifests itself as an organism through the raw spaces of BRUTUS. A number of large new installations by Zimoun and Maarten Vanden Eynden, among others, form the backbone of the project. A small selection of the participating artists includes: Frank Bruggeman, Giulia Cenci (IT), Nick Ervinck and Maartje Korstanje (NL).

The title of the exhibition refers to the physical experience that the exhibition offers, it will literally go through the marrow and get under your skin. Through Bone and Marrow shows how things can be done differently. No presentation of separate objects, presented in a sterile way and each with its own story, but a world in itself in an unpolished setting in which the objects relate to each other and the visitor, in which the perception and experience of art is paramount. As technology increasingly invades our lives, the role of the sensitive experience of the environment is diminishing. Through Bone and Marrow is a wake up call with a radically sensitive concept. The entire design and styling of Spruyt is designed to evoke an atmosphere that gets under the skin of visitors, as it were, goes through the marrow and bone. This sensory experience strengthens the relationship between the public and the visual arts in a totally new way.
The universe created by Spruyt rubs and reacts against existing conventions with regard to aesthetics, and provides new thinking space with regard to current fundamental issues of the Anthropocene and the finding of a new balance between man and nature.

BRUTUS provides the perfect setting for the sometimes sinister atmosphere that Spruyt creates in places where the paint is peeling off the walls, it is dark and cold, drafts blow through the cracks and where it squeaks, creaks and drips. For the visitors, it offers the opportunity to experience art and its artistic power with all their senses through the spherical artworks.