Each week, for seven weeks, one of our spaces will be handed over to the selected creative. This initiative serves as a platform for creative exchange, with the aim of contributing to, supporting and strengthening the cultural ecosystem.
Radio Brutus - A transmission experiment by petsq & friends
July 18th - 21st
Radio Brutus is a pop-up radio station that will broadcast live from Thursday 18th July until Sunday 21st of July. During these four days, the transmission will feature aspiring creators and enthusiasts of various backgrounds. Experiments ranging from ambient listening sessions to live music, from open decks to artist interviews, from structure to chaos. Radio Brutus is a snapshot of how Rotterdam sounds and feels in the summer of 2024. Witness it live or stream online.
Together for free by IJzerblok
July 25th - 28th
For the last 4 years the IJzerblok studios, located in the heart of historic Delfshaven, has been a home and working space for a wild bunch of creative youngsters. This summer marks the end of the space, as we will have to leave in August.
The IJzerblok, with its almost 90 artists, squatters and inhabitants, is known for its anarchistic approach towards Rotterdams underground culture. In the last weekend of July, they will start moving together with their artworks to Brutus. To arrange a final get together and arrange an exhibition in the takeover room at Brutus.
Enter by Judith van den Berg
August 1st - 4th
‘Enter’ invites the visitors to borrow a mirror-object at the entrance desk. The mirror can be hung around the neck, this way you can wear it without holding it. At the ceiling, a dark path is installed, made of old pieces of wood, looking a bit like driftwood. Wearing the mirror, you can imagine walking on the ragged path. The path explores the entrance space. It seems to connect the rather clean entrance to the rough spaces of Brutus.
Drawing as Thinking by Jesse van Epenhuijsen
August 8th - 11th
Immerse yourself in a week of drawing, thinking, walking, and talking as Brutus is transformed into a dynamic hub of creativity and collaboration. This series of get-togethers places the act of drawing at its heart: each day, a new exercise, artist, and group of participants will converge to create monumental drawings that will fill the project space for one week. By the end of the week, Jesse van Epenhuijsen will curate these creations, alongside the participating artists, into a singular, immersive installation.
Ping Pong Presents by Natalia Sorzano and Clementine Edwards
August 15th - 18th
The promise of playing ping pong at one of Rotterdam’s many public ping pong tables is what crystalised their friendship. After many years of marking our agendas, we are still yet to play ping pong together. Ping pong is interesting to us because it engages across scales (tiny ball and paddle, big table). It is accessible to a broad group of people, across income and dis/ability. It happens in indoor, private spaces, such as offices, houses, garages, and in public spaces such as parks and gyms. The words ‘ping pong’ can be used to throw ideas about and see what comes up. In this playful collaboration, Natalia Sorzano and Clementine Edwards will spend six days working sculpturally in the Brutus space. The final day will be a public presentation, a one-day festive exhibition open to the public.
Leaning Sounds by Sweet Scope Audio
August 22nd - 25th
'Leaning Sounds' consists of six modules filling the space and turning it into a playful musical stage where everyone is invited to interact and compose music together. The structures that compose the installation invite the observer to move around it in order to understand their forms and perspectives. It is by touching them that the user will reveal their potential. Each one of their conductive layers will allow a different sound to be broadcasted into space. The installation aims to be intuitive in its musical approach, with each module being set on a common musical scale. This allows all of the modules to be played simultaneously and in harmony with each other with no need for any musical training.