Destroyed House

Marjan Teeuwen

Presented by Brutus Space
© Aad Hoogendoorn
© Aad Hoogendoorn
The installation ''Destroyed House" is the result of a challenging plan to create a semi-permanent architectural installation to be realized in one 'undeveloped', once bricked-up space, almost completely cut off from the outside world and without any daylight. In this building, Teeuwen goes on her usual deconstructive way. To finally come to a brutalist installation, in which two uneven squares are trying to get into a more perfect position. Like a phoenix, which attempts to take a geometric form, but only partially and even for a brief moment, succeeds. An abstract minimalist rhythm, in which the feeling of order, regularity and beauty, as well as insecurity, disruption and destruction is sensible (war is not far away).

Destroyed House x Brutus is an initiative of Marjan Teeuwen and Lobke Broos/ROOF-A with a generous contribution from the Mondriaan Fund.